The Wood Guys

The Wood Guys stocks a wide range of native timbers, including Blackwood Wattle, Huon Pine, Sassafras, River She-oak and many other varieties.

And we offer your choice of finishes from rough sawn green to dried and dressed, ready to become a Boardroom table or a special trinket box. Want to see your reflection in the finish? No worries! We can supply to your specifications: slabs, rough sawn, dimensioned timber - from huge slabs to building and cabinet timbers, through to pen blanks.

The Wood Guys also offers a milling and machining service for craftsmen - and craftswomen - who need their own timber milled and/or machined.

Give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss your timber needs.



Franklin, Tasmania

Holly Smillie - 0401 328 535

John Smillie - 0418 629 818

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