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The Franklin History Group Inc (FHG)was formed in 2010 with the aim of fostering a deeper knowledge, appreciation and interpretation of the heritage and history of the town of Franklin and surrounding districts for the benefit of residents and visitors.

We have produced several publications and are always looking for ways to raise the profile of the work we do.  Perhaps you have an interest, connection or talent relating to the work that we do and would like to participate and become a member.

The FHG meets at 7:00pm on the third Wednesday of each month (except December) and new members are most welcome.

Anyone with photos related to the heritage of Franklin and surrounding districts are encouraged to contact us on the number or email address recorded below.


World War 1 exhibit located at Frank's Cider Bar and Cafe
publication of Victoria Cross World War 1 veterans
publication of historic Franklin
heritage image of man rowing his boat through the Egg Island Canal in Franklin
Historic photo of Franklin
Lady Jane Franklin's piano located at Franks Cider Bar and Cafe
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Franklin, Tasmania

Jane Franklin Memorial Museum &

Franklin History Group Library

Tasmania, Australia, 7113


President: Alan Cato

Vice President: Jane Johnson


Secretary: Ruth Young

Treasurer: Carol Cane